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Undead Forgotten Realms Adventures – Eugene, OR

4e is dead. Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) is dead. But not around here! This page is the online home of the “Undead Forgotten Realms” campaign run on an ongoing basis in Eugene, Oregon.

This campaign is intended to emulate the larger-scale Living Forgotten Realms project from years gone by, offering regular one-off 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons games for interested players in a casual and no-strings environment.

The Obsidian Portal page you are now viewing is intended to serve as a repository of information about the campaign activity to date—sessions held, adventures completed, and profiles of the many adventurers running about in the Undead Forgotten Realms.

The campaign will make use of the substantial library of Living Forgotten Realms adventures produced, and will abide by the rules of the LFR project in general (with exceptions being clearly noted in this space as they arise).

To begin with, all sessions will be announced in advance but freely open to drop-in participation until the capacity for the adventure has been reached. If a second DM can be found for additional players, then another instance of the same adventure will be run concurrently.

Multiple “adventure paths” will be run, allowing exposure to a wider range of the Realms content as well as opportunities for different groups of players and/or characters to experience content at a particular level. At least initially, there are no plans to run a given adventure on multiple occasions. The specific adventure to be run will NOT be announced in advance, though teasers will be offered with regard to region, relevance, and points of interest so potential players can gauge whether they have a character that would be interested in the mission on offer.

Home Page

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